Health Journey

It can be very daunting to think about what you need to do to live healthier. My suggestion is to start in the kitchen….Stock up on healthy staples. Replace kitchen staples with healthier options and you’ll be well on your way to ingesting fewer toxins and having more energy!

A few things to try:

  • In place of cane sugar, try coconut sugar or Xylitol – these are both natural sweeteners that are actually good for you!
  • Add an extra sprinkling of nutrients to your meals with nutritional yeast, high in B vitamins and it gives a nutty cheese taste to foods.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar can help control weight, remove toxins from the body and support a healthy immune system.
  • Organic coconut oil is great to cook with as it has a higher burn temperature than other oils.
  • If you buy canned foods, look for BPA free lining.
  • Choose a mineral salt which is full of minerals and balanced and therefore much healthier than table salt.
  • Avoid buying prepackaged foods and treats, if they are not in the cupboard you are less likely to eat them.

Its great to get into the habit of reading the ingredients when you shop, the first things you can look at are:

  1. Avoid anything containing Palm oil or vegetable oil (which is usually palm oil), these products are killing off our beautiful orangutans.
  2. Avoid High fructose corn syrup. Its a chemical sweeter which plays havoc with your health and weight.
  3. Avoid artificial colours and flavours.
  4. Avoid MSG, this will make you want to eat more and it damages your insulin receptors and other organs.

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