What is Naturopathy?

What is Naturopathy?

(In person and online sessions available)

Naturopathy is a form of natural medicine that has been traditionally practiced throughout the world for centuries, and has recently made a resurgence in popularity and credibility. Naturopathy is both a science and a philosophy of healing which focuses on uncovering and treating the cause of disease rather than just covering up the presenting symptoms felt by the patient. Naturopaths believe that health is, or should be the most natural state of being. Naturopaths look at the human body as a whole, an interrelated system that when given the right conditions, can heal itself. We also place emphasis on preventative medicine and encourage healthy lifestyles through emotional, mental and spiritual well-being, to achieve overall wellbeing and vitality.

We understand that illness occurs on many levels and we work holistically using a variety of modalities like nutrition, flower essences, herbal medicine, equilibrations, body work, as well as life style changes to give you the vitality and wellbeing you desire.

In a typical consultation, I will take a full case history of your health and discuss your desired outcomes; this may take 45minutes to an hour. If necessary I may ask you to come back for follow up tests to determine the right treatment plan for you. In your first consult you may just go away with a few dietary changes to implement, this may also include some supplements or herbal remedies. Remember every case is individual and everyone gets their own specific lifestyle and dietary program. I may also suggest other forms of therapy to help assist in the rejuvenation of your health, for example, Bowen Therapy, massage, yoga or simple exercise.

Regular contact and follow up consults in the initial stages will ensure that you get the maximum results for your health. Once results are achieved you may only need to come back once every 6 months for a health review or when something has put you out of balance and you need support to get back on track.

There are two different types of Naturopathic Consults – Symptomatic and Corrective.

Symptomatic is suitable for acute conditions such as a cold or flu where no further investigations are done into the cause of your condition. This initial consult will last approximately 45 minutes and you will receive treatment immediately, you may or may not require further consultations.

Corrective is when we need to look at the underlying causes of your condition and treat accordingly. Your initial consult is usually 60 minutes, in which I will take a detailed history of your case. Depending on the condition, you will receive a treatment plan which usually includes follow up visits. As the condition improves and changes, we need to change the treatment given so we can peel the onion and get to the cause of the problem and re-balance your body.