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Being a Naturopath for over 10 years and a Bowen therapist for 15 years, I have seen how the food that people eat and products they use affects their health.

There is a massive movement towards using natural whole foods as medicine and avoiding chemicals and toxins. People are moving away from taking a pill for a quick fix and realising that prevention is the best medicine. What we eat, put on our skin and use in the house can cause many health conditions and by simply changing these products we can live healthier happier lives.

Living Balance is dedicated in helping people achieve maximum health by offering products that are natural, organic and eco friendly. A natural and organic way of eating and living is the first step to a healthy life. So we have decided to help you with the search on what is safe for us and our planet. This is a passion for us and therefore we are constantly researching, testing and adding new products when we find them.

Living Balance has a variety of different products, from beauty products to food, supplements and chemical free, eco-friendly home cleaning products. If you are new to living a natural lifestyle, a good place to start is to read Where to Start With Your Health Journey.

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