why choose organic



1. Look after our planet, we only have ONE! Organic farming looks after the environment as they do not use toxic fertilisers and the farmers are supporting the soil to grow their crops.

2. The chemicals used in non organic farming will transfer into the foods being grown and then to those wheat them. Eating organics reduces the chemical load we are ingesting and therefore we are only absorbing healthy happy nutrients.

3. Animals which are not farmed organically need to be injected or given antibiotics regularly as they are bread in confined areas which promotes diseases. These antibiotics are then passed onto us if we eat these animals, this in turn damages our immune systems and overall health. Organically farmed animals are free from antibiotics and therefore better for our health.

Not to mention that antibiotics are over used and this is causing antibiotic resistant bacteria not to mention the damage they do to our health.

4. Conventional farmed foods tend to be missing out on many micronutrients. As these plants are growing and being sprayed with fertilisers the plants draw up the chemicals in the fertilisers which then knock out some of the more vulnerable nutrients. Therefore, it is easy to see why you get more nutrients from organically grown food.

5. Most people have heard the saying “We are what we we eat” and this is very true. If we eat fast food, junk food and highly processed foods we will feel and look like rubbish. If we eat organic wholesome food which provides the nutrients for us to grow and develop correctly, we will feel and look vibrant and healthy. Organic wholesome food makes you feel full and satisfied compared to when you eat packaged or fast food which tends to leave you wanting more, unsatisfied and uncomfortable.

6. Buying Organic usually means you are helping local farmers and family businesses, which is always a good thing.

7. Agricultural pesticides and chemicals not only pollute the crops and farm animals but also the air. By buying organic you are reducing pollution.

8. Every generation passes on their build up of toxins. According to many studies, pesticides easily pass through the placenta to the developing baby. These pesticides can contribute to birth defects, neurological issues and even life threatening conditions such as cancer. Each generation will be passing on a higher toxic load so it is up to us to stop passing this burden on our children and grandchildren.

9. Organic foods taste better. Most conventional foods contain, artificial flavour, flavour enhancers and preservatives.

10. Your skin is the largest organ you have. Whatever you put on your skin will be absorbed, therefore it is important not to be covering it with chemicals and toxins. Organic skincare contains no nasty ingredients so you can feel safe putting it on yourself and your family.

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