What is Multidimensional Quantum Healing?

What is Multidimensional Quantum Healing?

(In person and online sessions available)

Multidimensional Quantum Healing is a powerful energy healing technique tailored to your requirements.  The focus is on locating and removing the energies that do not serve you, so you can embody more of your souls unique frequency and access deeper and higher self guidance.

The sessions heal and clear charkas, energy bodies, meridians, blocked organs, muscles, bones and lymphatics.  They remove trapped thoughts and emotional trauma from muscle memory and though all templates of the body and its energy systems and field. Removing negative interfering entities and spirits from all dimensions and realties.  

These sessions although deep and powerful work on the alteration of frequency, therefore built on love and peace, creating a comfortable and blissful way to let go of the deepest most hard to navigate traumas.

Multidimensional Quantum Healing is a powerful and loving transformational healing session.

Each session includes a variety of areas which may require healing:

– Interference from entities, spirits, attachments, cords.

– Balance Chakras and Energy bodies/Aura

– Current and Past life trauma

– Karmic Clearance on your karma or relationship with others

– Quantum DNA Ancestral Healing

– Quantum TimeLine Healing, Past and Future

.. and much more, each session can be tailored to suit your current requirements.

You will find that each MQH session will increase intuition, higher self integration and connection, awakening your gifts and purpose.

During a treatment, people will feel different things, physically and emotionally. Many people say that a treatment can feel like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around them. 

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You can have your session in person or via zoom as it works just as well as a distant healing option.

MQH treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and  wellbeing.

The primary aim of MQH is to move energy blockages that may have occurred in the body and as a result have cause physical or emotional disease. 

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