What is Neurolink®

What is Neurolink® - Neurological Integration System (NIS)?

(In person sessions or via Zoom)

For over 30 years Dr Allan Phillips has been researching and developing the Neurolink® technique called Neurological Integration System or NIS for short.

NIS is based on the principles of neuroscience and has been validated using scientific research.

NIS is suitable for the whole family. Over the last 30 years practitioners globally have been using the NIS system in practice, treating a wide spectrum of symptoms and complaints.

In a NIS consult we are accessing the brain’s intelligence, through a muscle test and proprietary integration method – developed by Neurolink®.

The approach is safe, non-invasive, non-manipulative, so it is suitable for the newborn baby through to people of old age as well as those who are very sick or injured.

The treatment technique uses your brain’s autonomic nervous system to determine why you are experiencing
health symptoms.

We use NIS to determine what your brain knows about your complaint, then we feed the information back so your brain can make any corrections required to heal.

We check all your body systems to restore them to optimum function, so your symptoms of pain or ill-health can resolve.

NIS is the linking of brain pathways, similar to electrical circuits in your home. When the amount of power to a
specific circuit exceeds its threshold, a fuse will blow. While the power to that particular circuit is lost, the rest of your house is still protected. Similarly, our bodies also have maximum tolerances and the brain will recognise when these thresholds have been exceeded.

Each of us has our own maximum threshold. When our body is functioning within those maximum parameters, we experience good health. When our body functions past those parameters, it means we are physically, pathologically, chemically or emotionally unbalanced and exceeding our own maximum capacity. This is when our bodies start giving us symptoms of pain or feeling unwell.

A NIS consultation will mean the practitioner has gentle contact with anatomical points that represent neurological circuits. The goal is to determine if the brain is controlling all body systems at their full potential.
A treatment with NIS is tailor-made for you. Corrections can only be made in those areas your brain indicates need correcting.

Utilising the brain to diagnose and correct your complaint or symptom will show you its profound ability to restore your body to its optimum potential.

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