What is Laser Coaching?

What is Laser Coaching?

(In person, phone and online sessions available)

Looking for coaching that is fast and helps you have dramatic shifts?

This is it!

Regan Hillyers’ Laser CoachingTM” system is an industry gold standard method that facilitates trained, certificated coaches to achieve maximum results for their clients in micro time.

Laser Coaching is designed to “hit the spot” on any specific areas of challenge or interest in your life. It provides a confidential space to work in a highly focussed way on specific in the moment problems.

Laser Coaching Sessions are usually 30 minutes in which you and I will work on a specific issue that is preventing you from reaching your goals. 

Laser Coaching Sessions are perfect to implement a quick alignment and find ways to unblock thinking patterns or habits that are sabotaging your daily life and or your business. 

This powerful process was developed by Regan Hillyer who has combined numerous proven techniques to create a way to get to your root issue and shift it faster than other coaching methods alone.

We will go deep into the problem while we maximise the time available. 

Once you have tried Laser Coaching you will love how quickly  you can make changes in your life.

I will take you gentle through a powerful process, implementing game changing techniques to make it really easy for you to unblock what you need to shift and have instant, incremental and sustainable results.

My commitment to you is ABSOLUTE. As long as you are willing to do your part, I’ll bring you the best of who I am, my intuition, my ability to see beyond the evident and to expand the perspective in any situation.

You can book HERE for a consultation either in person or via zoom.  

If there are no suitable appointment times please Contact Me and we can arrange something that works.