Jack N’ Jill Buzzy Brush Musical Electric Toothbrush


Jack N’ Jill Buzzy Brush Musical Electric Toothbrush is designed for 3 Years +. It has a super gentle rotary action. It plays music as your child brushes to help keep motivated and get all their teeth cleaned.

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Troubleshooting Guide
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  • 3 Years + (adults can use this too!)
  • Super Gentle Rotary Action
  • Super Soft Dupont Nylon Bristles
  • Recycled & Recyclable ABS (non toxic) handle
  • BPA, PVC & Phthalate Free (Of Course!)
  • Replaceable Head
  • Freestanding for hygiene
  • Sing along with Buzzy’s original instructional song!
  • 3 modes with memory function means that Buzzy will revert to the setting used previously.


  • Mode 1: Musical Audio Track
  • Mode 2: Spoken Instructional Prompts
  • Mode 3: Silent
  • 2 Minute Auto Shut-Off in all modes!
  • Uses 2 AA Batteries (not included)
  • To insert/remove batteries pull firmly on the base of your Buzzy Brush. It’s a tight fit so Mum or Dad might have to help out!

Make it personal! Comes with 6 adorable bubble stickers so your little one can truly make it their own! Tip: Help your child choose a bubble sticker (or several!) and remove from paper backing, making sure you avoid touching the adhesive side. Place sticker on handle in desired location and press firmly for strong attachment. Avoid removing as the sticker will be difficult to re-use. Do not allow child to place sticker/s in mouth. Supervise! Your Buzzy Brush has a 3 month warranty

Troubleshooting Guide

Requires 2 x AA batteries (not included) to operate. To insert batteries, remove base section of Buzzy by pulling firmly down (this may require some force due to the silicone seal inside). Batteries need to be inserted with the correct polarity as indicated on the front of the base section (only visible when separated from handle).

Note, the battery symbol described must be orientated to the front of the handle when replacing the base section. Only use ALKALINE batteries.


  • If Buzzy will not activate: 1. Check that batteries have adequate life. 2. Check that batteries have been installed and polarity is correct. If necessary, remove and re-fit batteries and base section.
  • If Buzzy will not turn off: 1.Polarity of batteries may be incorrect. Remove base and check. 2. Orientation of base section bay be incorrect. Remove base section and make sure that the visible battery symbol is facing the front of the toothbrush handle.
  • If Buzzy sings, but the head does not rotate: 1. Remove toothbrush head (pull out of handle) and re-fit. 2. Make sure there is no damage to rotating head (e.g. from biting/chewing). 3. Make sure toothbrush head is clean (toothpaste residue can build up inside). 4. Install replacement head.

Your Buzzy Brush has a 3 month warranty. Important note about water and extending the life of buzzy: The internal electronic components are high quality and designed to be reliable, however contact with water can cause Buzzy to malfunction or even fail. When rinsing the toothbrush bristles, invert the toothbrush and make sure that only the bristles come into contact with water. While still inverted, shake well and pat dry to remove excess water after each rinse.

Warning! Using Buzzy in the bath or shower will surely compromise the longevity of this product. We do not recommend using Buzzy in the bath or shower! Please note that Buzzy is designed to work with Jack N’ Jill Natural Toothpaste. Other varieties can clog the rotary mechanism. Important note about chewing Buzzy’s rotating brush head: This will quickly cause damage to the rotating mechanism of the toothbrush head and will usually require immediate replacement. Chewing on the rotating head during operation can also damage the motor inside Buzzy, which will cause it to fail permanently.

If you cannot resolve your issues with any of the above information, please contact the awesome customer service team at Jack N’ Jill and they will provide the necessary assistance to get your little one buzzin’ again!


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